Just for You!!! A Wedding Card Box for my Sister…

Hi there, a couple of weeks ago we had a wedding, my baby sister got married to the love of her life.  I made her a card box, this is the second one I make, as you can see below I had plenty of boxes to play around with, trying to see what worked and what looked better, I wanted to make a three-tier cake, now this was done the day before the wedding, so let’s just say time was not my friend, so I had to settle for two tiers, and I ended up using the two black boxes, I needed the boxes to have removable lids.  I have to say, maybe I should have looked for some how-to videos, but I figure it would come along on its own.

First thing I did, was chose the boxes I was going to use.  First I had to make sure these came with removable lids, Second they had to be about the same height. Third I had to make sure that when placing the boxes on top of each other they looked like a cake.


Now, I decided to build the cake from the bottom, so I took the bigger box and began to decorate it.  Here is a material list of everything I used to decorate both boxes:

  • white wrapping paper rolls
  • white lace
  • silver foil tissue paper
  • Mod Podge for paper and fabric
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Roll of rhinestone
  • E600 glue
  • pearls
  • Smoothfoam small ball
  • two shoe/boot boxes
  • exacto knife

This project was a first for me, not really knowing what I was doing, just that it had to look like a cake and I had to cut some openings for people to be able to place their cards inside. So I figured this would work.  First I took the lid from the bigger box and made an opening big enough for the cards to fall in, but small enough so the second box would have something to sit on.  Then I took the other box bottom and made an opening same size as the lid. Then I took to lid from the smaller box and made an opening on the top but making sure it would be on the side.

Now the fun part started, I took the Mod podge and covered the two boxes, all the way around, I ended up covering them with the white paper twice because the glue make the paper transparent and you could see the original box patterns, so adding two layers of white paper worked.  I had a roll of white lace it was about 12 inches wide so it was perfect for this project.  I added some of the Mod podge for fabric all over the sides of both boxes and wrapped the lace all the way around. It was perfect, the mod podge dried pretty fast.

Now it was time to add some sparkle to the boxes, I had a roll of silver rhinestone my sister gave me so I cut strips in different widths that went all around the bottom of the boxes covered with the white paper and lace, I used E6000 glue to do this.

This photo shows the boxes covered with the white paper and lace


This photo shows the openings I made to the bottom lid and the bottom of the top box, I used hot glue to adhere the boxes together, but I took some packing tape and taped them together from the inside to make sure they would not come apart later on.


Here you can see the close up of how the white paper and lace looked on the boxes and then how the rhinestones were added to the bottom of the boxes and the sides of the lids.


here is a full photo of the card box, the only thing missing is the top lid with the floral topper I would add at the end.


Now both lids were covered with silver foil tissue paper as you can see on the photo below, using Mod podge to glue it all over the entire lids.  This is the top lid, you can see the opening I made with my exacto knife for the cards.  This lid is not meant to be glued to the rest of the box, I thought it would be nice for the bride and groom to just pull off the lid to remove the cards from the inside and be able to keep the card box as a wedding memory.



Now it was time to add the other wedding color, black. Once the lid was covered, I added the rhinestones all around the sides of the lid as you can see below, then I took a pretty black sheer ribbon and hot glued it all the way around the box.   I cut strips of black and silver ribbon and made loops that were hot glued all around the center of the lid to later be pulled up between the flowers that I added.

This photo shows how the topper was started, gluing individual ribbon loops


Here you can see some of the flowers already added, and how I pulled the silver ribbon loops up with the help of the flowers.



here I added a second layer of flowers, using roses; now since all the flowers were the same color, I added the green leaves to break up the flowers, and allowing them to be seen.  Now we just need to finish the center of this topper and build it up a bit more.


I decided to bring out a small smoothfoam ball and hot glued it to the center of the leaves, making a tiny hole on the top of the ball, I added hot glue and placed a rose in the center, now all we have to do is cover up the smoothfoam ball to finish this piece.



I took a different flower to finish the topper, as you can see below, I simply hot glued the flowers all around the ball and we were done.



I just had to add a bit more flowers to this cake, so I decided to add some in the middle, look at the photos below so you can see what I’m talking about.  I took some silver ribbons, cut two pieces and hot glued them on a corner of the cake as you can see on the photo below.


I placed a black ribbon bow over the silver ribbons and began to add flowers going off to both sides of the cake, half way only, I didn’t want to add it all the way around, it was at this time I decided to add some pearls too, so I hot glued the pearls all the way around the base of the top box, right over the rhinestones. I had some tiny black fabric flowers (sheet fabric) left over from another project and felt they would go perfect on this cake.


Now to finish up the piece, I added some rhinestones over the black ribbon I used on the top lid, added a little bit of tiny flowers, pearls and rhinestones to the topper and done, here is a photo of the card box cake at the reception table, we did add some tiny little lights at the bottom, just to bring in some fun light.



My sister loved it, I was so happy to make this for her and her husband, funny thing is a lot of people thought she had two wedding cakes.

I hope you like this project, let me know what you think.